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Can Purvanchal Film City manage my artist profile?

Yes, Free. As a creative hub, Purvanchal Film City is dedicated to helping artists and filmmakers showcase their talent and work. However, you will be required to pay a only delivery Charges if you are an Actor, Model, Director or other related profiles. The film city offers a platform for artists to create their profile on its website, which allows them to showcase their skills, projects, and achievements. The film city also offers free management services to artists, helping them in networking, promoting their work, and finding new opportunities. With its state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team, Purvanchal Film City provides a supportive and nurturing environment for artists to flourish and grow. So, whether you are an actor, director, writer, or any other creative professional, Purvanchal Film City is the ideal place for you to build your career and reach your full potential.

- Entertainment Training: Their training program is conducted by industry experts and aims to equip aspiring artists with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the entertainment industry.

- Training Certificate: After completing their training program, artists are awarded a training certificate, which attests to their proficiency in their chosen field.

- Artist Card (Free by Association): Artists associated with Purvanchal Film City are issued an artist card, which serves as a form of identification and an endorsement of their talents.

- Official Artist Website: Each artist associated with Purvanchal Film City has their own official website, which showcases their work and provides a platform for them to connect with fans and potential collaborators.

- PFC Official Artist ID: In addition to the artist card, each artist associated with Purvanchal Film City is issued an official artist ID, which is recognized by industry professionals and can help open doors in the entertainment world.

- Official Artist Contract Sign: Artists are offered official artist contracts, which lay out the terms of their engagements with Purvanchal Film City and provide them with a level of professional security.

- Entertainment Audition: Purvanchal Film City offers regular auditions for aspiring actors and musicians, which can provide opportunities for exposure and growth.

- 100% Audition Assistance: Purvanchal Film City provides 100% audition assistance to artists who are preparing to audition for roles or gigs, providing them with personalized coaching and guidance.

Purvanchal Film City offers services such as film production, event management, and talent management for artists. As part of its talent management services, Purvanchal Film City can help you create and manage your artist profile, promote your work, and connect you with relevant industry professionals. Its experienced team also provides guidance and training to enhance your skills and help you achieve your career goals. Contact Purvanchal Film City for further details on their talent management services and associated fees.


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